A Little Wind-Up

Thought I'd share my first .gif. I took Zara Martina's Skillshare class, Create GIFs From Illustration in Photoshop. The class was great; easy to understand, with all steps clear and well explained. And, as with many things, once you know the trick, creating GIFs is surprisingly simple! 

I had some specific goals in mind while creating this image. I usually work in full color, so I wanted to try monotone instead. Then I wanted to add depth with a .tiff textures in Illustrator. I used only one texture, scaling it down as needed. Some of the petals have a lot of texture layers in them. And while I was experimenting, why not animate my bird too? He reminds me of old-fashioned clockwork toys.  (To see more of my #100daysof_approx_millefleur project, take a look at my Instagram.)